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Power Cover - The tray to wireless charge all smartphones

Power Cover is an extra end plate for covering tables of the same size and shape to turn wireless charging surface and also in USB chargers smartphones. No cable or extension cord Power Cover incorporates its own batteries (max 80 000 mAh) thereby making it completely autonomous. Depending on its configuration, Power Cover will recharge up to 40 smartphones completely before you need to recharge its own batteries.

UnyCharge - Universal smartphones charger

The integrated charger Unycharge is a concentrate of technology. Versatile and powerful, it allows a compatible smartphone wireless charging (fast charging 15W) and also all other smartphones thanks to its integrated USB jacks A (classical) and USB Type C (Fast charging USB). With its power 9v 3A, tablets (iPad) or other device (Camera, Go-Pro ...) can also be recharged on UnyCharge.

Power Table -Commercial furniture with wireless charging

Power Table is the name of the new line of professional furniture WiTGee. The technology we have developed for Power Cover allows us to take any table and integrate it wireless charging function without any aesthetic modification. The furniture is also a companion of our smartphones. Discover the classic collection 2017 Furniture Qi by WiTGee. Power Table now charges iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Wireless receiver rings - Qi - PMA receivers & rings

Tomorrow you will be able to wirelessly charge your iPhone or Android in a multitude of places. Airports, railway stations, waiting rooms will be equipped with wireless charger induction. The wireless charging will also be inside your vehicle or just on your desktop. Power cables disappear to make room has chargers without induction wire.

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